Water Efficiency Measures Improving Lives

Elaina and her two children had not been using the shower in their home for almost six years due to a broken showerhead. Although water would flow out of the showerhead, the water pressure was barely existent. As a result, the family would go to public pools and gyms just to shower. Elaina’s son would never want to shower at home because it would take so long, and when he would get soap in his eyes it was very difficult to wash out. It would take Elaina 45 minutes to shower at home while it would only take 10 minutes elsewhere. After a service visit from Mile High Youth Corps’ Energy & Water Conservation program thanks to funding from CWCB, Elaina was ecstatic. Corpsmembers had replaced her broken showerhead with an efficient hand-held showerhead that provided the perfect water pressure. Elaina is thrilled to be able to shower at home again, and cannot wait to show her son and see his eyes light up with excitement.