March 03 2021

Ogallala Aquifer Management Workshop

This event was held on March 3rd.  For question about the event or a copy of the recorded workshop, please contact Alex Funk (  

A survey on Ogallala Aquifer Management was created for the workshop and will remain open until June 2021 for ongoing input.

March 12 2021

Western Places, Western Spaces - Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute Conference

In a panel discussion included in the Western Places, Western Spaces Conference, CWCB staff discussed how their sectors influence and interact with land use planning in terms of vibrant communities, robust agriculture, resilient planning, and thriving watersheds and how these areas will be incorporated into the Colorado Water Plan update. 

This conference was recorded, and was made available to all conference registrants.  Recordings are maintained by the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute.

March 17 2021

Agriculture Water Infrastructure Workshop

To take CWCB's Survey on Agricultural Infrastructure please visit Survey Monkey

View the meeting recording here.

April 06 2021

Water Efficiency Workshop at AWWA Conservation Committee Meeting

For more information about this workshop or to access the recording, please contact Kevin Reidy at

April 07 2021

Environment & Recreation Workshop

Join us for a collaborative workshop to discuss how local and statewide Environmental and Recreational interests might be incorporated in the Colorado Water Plan update.  We'll also review our Focus Area Mapping and gather input on it.

View the meeting recording here.  Breakout sessions were recorded separately and may be accessing if desired.  Please contact for additional details.

April 08 2021

Forest Health Workshop

As a part of the Colorado Water Plan update, CWCB staff are working to create alignment with respect to water supply planning and watershed and forest health.

This 2-hour workshop reviewed statewide assessments of the state of the science around watershed and forest health-related issues that impact water quality and quantity.

To view this meeting recording via zoom, click here.

April 14 2021

Water and Land Use Planning Workshop

The Water and Land Use Alliance  meets quarterly to share work progress, new project ideas and to ensure the groups working in this space are not duplicating efforts.  The Alliance shares and takes input on integrating water and land use planning in Colorado. 

The April 14 Meeting was for members of the Alliance but interested parties can request meeting information or a recording by contacting Christy Wiseman at

April 21 2021

Resilient Food Systems Workshop

To view the meeting recording, click here.

May 05 2021

Climate Change and Agriculture Workshop

To view the meeting recording, click here.  Breakout sessions were recorded separately and may be available by request.  Contact Alex funk ( for more details.

May 06 2021

Water Plan Update Education Scoping Workshop

To view the meeting recording, click here.

May 26 2021

Irrigation Innovation Workshop

For more information or to register for this event please visit our registration site on Eventbrite.

To view this meeting recording, click here. Breakout sessions were recorded separately and may be available by request.  Contact Alex funk ( for more details.

June 02 2021

Water Plan Update Water Sharing Scoping Workshop

View the meeting recording here, breakouts were recorded separately and may be available for viewing. Contact for questions about recordings.

June 03 2021

Hemp Cultivation & Water

Contact Alex Funk ( for meeting recording.

June 08 2021

Riverside Chat II

On June 8th, 2021, CWCB hosted a “Riverside Chat II” event to share information about the major themes that emerged during the scoping phase for the Colorado Water Plan update.  The event was a virtual 2-hour interview-style event with Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) Director Becky Mitchell,  CWCB staff, and Water Plan update general contractor Matt Lindburg.  The event shared the progress to date on the Colorado Water Plan update and reviewed the work completed during the scoping phase as well as the input stakeholders have shared.  

View the recording here.